Threepenny Submarine

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Are you a fan of opera, classic hits, puppets, and children’s shows? Then, wowza, do we have the digital series for you! We’ve teamed up with Gazelle Automations to share the story of junior officers, Iona the cockatiel and Lydian the vixen, as they explore the deep sea in Threepenny Submarine near the mysterious Salieri sector. After a scare, they accidentally come across a strange sea creature who sounds like a flute and their adventure begins.

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Cast and Crew of Threepenny Submarine

Created by Rachel Krehm, Jessica Derventzis, and Evan Mitchell

Directed by Justin T. Lee

Story and Teleplay by Rachel Krehm and Lindsay Lee

Story Editor: Lindsay Lee

Directors of Photography: Justin T. Lee and Jeffrey Mackey

Script Supervisor: Graeme Gerussi

Production Design by Justin T. Lee

Puppets Designed and Built by Benjamin Craig, Lindsay Lee, and Robin Polfuss

Costumes by Lindsay Lee

Sets and Props by Gazelle Automations

Threedollar Submarine built by Robbie Perchaluk

Music Recorded at Revolution Recording in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sound Recording Engineers Stephen Kosler Luke Schindler

Assistant Sound Recording Engineers Christine Stoesser and Kohen Hammond

Recording Producers: Rafael Luz and Trevor Chartrand

Music Synchronization Producer: Rachel Krehm

ADR Recording and Editing by Evan Mitchell and Justin T. Lee

ADR Direction by Justin T. Lee, Lindsay Lee, and Jessica Derventzis

Post-Production by Gazelle Automations

Narration by Melody Schaal


Spoken Voice: Lindsay Lee

Sung Voice: Caitlin Wood

Puppetry: Lindsay Lee


Spoken Voice: Rachel Krehm

Sung Voice: Rachel Krehm

Puppetry: Justin T. Lee

Captain Wilbur Longnose

Spoken Voice: Justin T. Lee

Sung Voice: Scott Rumble

Puppetry: Lindsay Lee and Justin T. Lee


Spoken Voice: Justin T. Lee

Sung Voice: Clarence Frazer

Puppetry: Justin T. Lee and Lindsay Lee

Translation Machine

Spoken Voice: Rachel Krehm

Sung Voice: Adanya Dunn


Flute: Amelia Lyon

Puppetry: Lindsay Lee

Little Hero

Harp: Angela Schwarzkopf and Heidi Elise Bearcroft

Threepenny Submarine Theme Music by Ryan Trew

Featured Music by

Wagner, Ravel, Debussy, Dvořák, R. Strauss, Donizetti, Verdi, Parish-Alvars, Korngold, Humperdinck, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Grieg, Shostakovich, Farrenc, Schubert, Gounod, Bizet, Handel, Massenet, Dame Smyth, and Evan Mitchell

All new music by Cecilia Livingston and Ryan Trew

Music Arrangements by Trevor Wagler and Evan Mitchell

Music Lyrics by Rachel Krehm

Music Director: Evan Mitchell

Music Librarians: Evan Mitchell and Rachel Krehm

Music Editor: Evan Mitchell


Allene Chomyn, violin

Yolanda Bruno, violin

Lyssa Pelton, violin

Eri Hattori Kosaka, violin

Jody Davenport, viola

Theresa Rudolph, viola

Rebecca Morton, cello

Roberta Janzen, cello

Amelia Lyon, flute

Kelly Zimba Lukić, flute

Tristan Durie, flute

Heidi Elise Bearcroft, harp

Angela Schwarzkopf, harp

Charlene Chin, harp

Produced with the cooperation of the Canadian Federation of Musicians

Produced with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts